Zitraz 7-22-0 Liquid Fertilizer Super Bloom Booster


Zitraz 7-22-0 Liquid Fertilizer Super Bloom Booster

Zitraz is not the same as traditional liquid fertilizer in the market which used urea, potassium phosphate, ammonium phosphate or other commercially available water soluble fertilizer and dissolve it in water. However, with Zitraz, we use a production technique called “Neutralization” which we react a basic ammonium with acidic phosphorus and created a neutral compound fertilizer (pH 7) in liquid form without adding any water.

As mention above Zitraz is not fertilizer dissolved in water, so this eliminate the issue of precipitation, bottle swelling from urea gas, and the decrease in active ingredient content (%NPK) over time.

In terms of benefits to plant, Zitraz can provide property such as rapid absorption by both leaves and roots due to optimum pH level.

Zitraz is designed and proved to increase the chlorophyll content in leaves, which leads to the increase in photosynthesis activity and lastly formation of more flowers.

“ An innovative substitution of traditional water-soluble fertilizer ” .


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