Zitraz 7-22-0 Liquid Fertilizer Super Bloom Booster

Zitraz 7-22-0 Liquid Fertilizer Super Bloom Booster Zitraz is not the same as traditional liquid fertilizer in the market which used urea, potassium phosphate, ammonium phosphate or other commercially available water soluble fertilizer and dissolve it in water. However, with Zitraz, we use a production technique called “Neutralization” which we react

THOMUS KALI Bio-Organo Potassium Activator 0-0-30

THOMUS KALI Bio-Organo Potassium Activator 0-0-30 “ The best biological alternative for chemical fertilizer, guaranteed with cheaper price and end-results ” Thomus Kali is a biofertilizer that is produced by extracting the potassium oxides,carbonates and sulfates from sugar cane (liquor grade) by heating with incinerator (hence, no chemical added). Thomus

Fulvic Acid as the enhancer of pesticide efficiency and pollutant absorber

1. Fulvic acid is a specific sorbents of pesticides Pesticide sorption and desorption in soil is a crucial factor that corresponds to the effects of pesticides to the environment. Since without proper sorption and desorption mechanism of pesticide in soil, problems such as decrease in microbial activities and increase in

Humic acid vs. Fulvic acid

Humic acid vs. Fulvic acid

What is Humic acid? Humic acid (HA) is one type of humic substance with a large molecular structure. They are dark in color ranging from dark brown to black. The structure of humic acid is primarily composed of carbon chain and carbon ring. In addition to carbon, humic acids also

NAP is certified with ISO standards for our best quality of products by SGS

NAP is certified with ISO

NAP is certified with ISO standards for our best quality of products by SGS Napnutriscience Co. Ltd. has implemented international quality standards to guarantee our best quality of products from the International Organization for Standardization’s. Currently, we have been awarded ISO9001:2015 from Quality Certification by SGS United Kingdom Limited. The


A global challenge Factors such as sea level rise, drought, usage of poor-quality groundwater for irrigation and improper usage of fertilizers and pesticide has led to the soil become salt-affected. What effects on plants? If your soil has a high salinity content, the plants growing there will not be as

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