Napnutriscience is aware of the importance in enriching nutrients in soil. For over 20 years, we have developed a quality soil application fertilizer and distributed them worldwide. We provide a wide range of soil application fertilizer to nutrify all types of soil and suit the needs of worldwide users.


Utah 1 Tablet 1

UTAH is our well-known soil application fertilizers offering every secondary and micronutrients that plants need to be healthy and protect against deficiencies. All UTAH formulations contain an organic chelating agent.

Polaris General Purpose

POLARIS is our high concentration soil application fertilizers offering a high amount of secondary and micronutrients that plants require to be healthy and protect plants against deficiencies. All POLARIS formulations contain an EDTA chelating agent.

Galaxy ONE

GALAXY is our soil application fertilizer containing Silica, a nutrient that can enhance stem strength, drought tolerance, and soil physicochemical properties. GALAXY selection of formulation is a combination between Silica and a wide range of secondary and micronutrients that is necessary for plants.

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