Biostimulants are an emerging category of agricultural inputs. They are derived from naturally occurring substances that can stimulate plant growth by improving nutrient and water use efficiency. At Napnutriscience, we supply a variety of plant’s biostimulant products. Our formulations include L-amino acids, seaweed extracts, polysaccharides, and more.


JAMEMAR is a green oligo-seaweed liquid formulation combined with free L-amino acid which is designed for foliar application.


EXCELLENT CHELATES is a combination between free L-amino acids and chelated micronutrients. This product series is a broad-spectrum solution to correct the deficiency and to increase tolerance to abiotic stress.

nap seaweed

NAP SEAWEED is a concentrated seaweed extraction from natural brown seaweed of Ascophyllum nodosum.


MAMMOTH LAY-O is a combination of concentrated seaweed extraction from natural brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum and concentrated free L-amino acids.

Quick C

QUICK C is a bio-activator consisting of polysaccharides, vitamins, and folic acid which provides rapid foliar nutrient absorption.

Mammoth sugar express

MAMMOTH SUGAR EXPRESS is a combination of polysaccharides and free L-amino acid which helps plants to enhance nutrient uptake and increase resistance to abiotic stress.

Excellent Full house

EXCELLENT FULL HOUSE is a merge of Amino acids, Seaweed, and Humic acid in powder form. It is designed to enhance root formation, increase vascular strength, promote green color, and reduce stress on ornamental and agricultural plants.

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