A global challenge

Factors such as sea level rise, drought, usage of poor-quality groundwater for irrigation and improper usage of fertilizers and pesticide has led to the soil become salt-affected.

What effects on plants?

If your soil has a high salinity content, the plants growing there will not be as vigorous as they would be in normal soils. Seeds will germinate poorly, if at all, and the plants will grow slowly or become stunted. If the salinity concentration is high enough, the plants will wilt and die, no matter how much you water them.

Where dose salinization occurs?

Salinization is a global problem. It tends to be concentrated in the world. The map shows the distribution of saline, sodic and saline-sodic soils. The extent of problems related to salinity is predicted to increase, not only because of changes in the climate but also a result of poor irrigation practices.

Source: Energy.sci.,2011.4.2669-2681

There are so many methods to manage soil salinity. One of them is using the product that can adjust pH of water and corrector soil pH.


Desal Express is an organic soil conditioner to treat soil salinization for all crops.

  • Desal Express is made of calcium complexed with organic acid and organic chelator.
  • the calcium-organic acid complex help correct sodic soil by increasing the soil’s cation exchange capacity (CEC). so, the excess sodium cation around the root zone is removed and substituted by calcium.
  • whereas, the organic chelator helps correct saline soil by dissolving the nutrients that is locked in salt form. Thus, making what used to be salt available to plants as nutrients.

AquaCure is an Organic conditioner for regulating pH and hardness of water used in spraying of agrochemicals and fertilizers”


  • AquaCure is a regulator of spray water’s high pH that could lead to hydrolysis of pesticides and losing their efficacy.
  • AquaCure also promotes solubility of salts that causes water hardness (mainly calcium and magnesium carbonates/ bicarbonates) which reduces the risks of reaction with active ingredients in pesticides and foliar fertilizers

  •  AquaCure contains balanced ratio of NPK (10-10-10) which makes it an additional source of the three macro elements.

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